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Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a story addict

For as long as I can remember I have loved books. Total undying devotion. I love losing myself in a story so much that two years ago I joined an historical reenactment group.

I've embraced what I love as the core of my business. Let my love of books and my experience help you perfect your story, develop your craft and sell more books.

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Bolide Publishing Group

Bolide Publishing

Bolide Publishing is an independent publisher of science fiction and fantasy novels. Our aim is to publish titles readers will find entertaining, engaging, and exciting - and want more of!

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Responsible Charity

Responsible Charity - A better way to help

A small independent charity operating in slum areas in Kolkata and Pune, Responsible Charity is dedicated to secular values and engagement with local communities accross the spectrum. Providing support from education, sanitation, clothing and local business empowerment.

I am the Online Fundraising Coordinator for Responsible Charity and it is a better way to help

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A selection of the most recent testimonial from users of my service are below. Please, see what other's have to say before choosing AnnaProofing for your project.

Florian Pezazh - April 2017

Anna Proofing edited a short story for me and I'm more than pleased with the outcome. She was very kind and understanding (especially when I was running late on the deadline). She knows her craft and I really look forward to working with her again!

Michelle Dunbar - February 2017

AnnaProofing copy edited a short piece of creative writing for me. Anna was very professional in her approach, knowledgeable of British English, and found quite a few grammatical errors. She also offered advice on a couple of plot points which I found helpful. The story was returned in a timely fashion, and I was impressed with her standard of editing.

I would highly recommend AnnaProofing.

E.A. Copen - November 2016

Anna was one of the most professional editors I ever had the pleasure of working with. She was very good about keeping in contact every step of the way. She really knows what she’s talking about and sees mistakes even other editors have missed. I’ll be able to deliver a much better product to my readers thanks to Anna’s wonderful insight.

S F Editing Services - August 2016

I am currently working with Anna on the line and copy editing of a client's historical romance novel, which is set in the middle ages. Anna's knowledge of the period has been stupendous. It means that between us we are managing not only to tidy and edit the prose, we are also ensuring that it is as historically accurate as it possibly can be.

Recent Works

Starstruck - A novel by S.E. Anderson

Project Name Starstruck.
Project Duration March to April 2017
Author/Client S.E. Anderson in association with Bolide Publishing Ltd
Genre Science Fiction
Length of manuscript 84,000 words approximately
The nature of the project Proofreading a first novel for a new author in association with a newly started small press as a part of a cooperative project.
How I managed my client's expectations. I kept my client fully up to date as to my progress through either Producteev or online instant messaging. I asked questions as they arose and the client was more than happy to answer them. Progress and time taken was tracked through Timesheet and Producteev, offering the client a realistic picture of the stage I had reached. Reading was divided into 4000 word chunks which were dealt with daily and gave me a realistic target to work to.
Outcome of the project Title due for release on 4th May 2017
Additional flourish Both author and publisher were extremely happy with my work and throughness of my feedback. As I would with any other project, I kept detailed running notes on my observations of the author's habits, as well as any plot problems I noticed along the way, in order to produce a comprehensive set of handover notes. While this is not often expected on a this type of project, I would not feel I would be doing my job if I did not highlight every issue I picked up along the way.

Chasing Ghosts - A novel by E.A. Copen

Chasing Ghosts
Project Name Chasing Ghosts
Project Duration October to November 2016
Author E. A. Copen
Genre Dark fantasy.
Length of manuscript 119,000 words (approx.)
The nature of the project This was a gratis beta-read for an established indie-author in exchange for exposure and testimonial. My client submitted a self-edited manuscript for Beta-reading prior to submission to an editor.
How I managed my client's expectations. From the beginning, my author was taken through my standard administrative process which includes an itemised Quotation and Service agreement, which details exactly what the author can expect from my service. I kept in touch with my author on a regular basis to advise them of the progress I was making. I also gave them a realistic deadline which I kept to.
Outcome of the project The author was extremely pleased and I was complimented on my professionalism. I received some extremely positive feedback on my facebook page and through my website. It was a pleasure to work with Ms Copen, and I look forward to doing so in the future.

A Knight's Love - A novel in progress by L.S. Daniels

Project Name A Knight's Love (unpublished)
Project Duration July to October 2016
Author L. S. Daniels
Genre Historical Romance
Length of manuscript 10,000 words (approx.)
The nature of the project This was a gratis project I did for a new author in exchange for the exposure. My client wanted the novel to be made ready to publish but the text was the first draft so needed a great deal of work.
How I managed my client's expectations. I was totally frank with them about the level of work needed to make their work publishable. The author was advised in detail about all developmental changes that will be needed in order to render it ready for copy editing and proofreading.
Outcome of the project The author was extremely pleased and I have been promised the job of editing the second draft when they are ready.